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Odds and Ends

May 22, 2007

Thank you Karen and Nancy for your comments. I have been thinking of my own persona not only as a teacher, but I am now also the program coordinator which has caused some shifting in how I am perceived. Now people are coming to me with different expectations. I don’t feel like I have changed, but I feel a little tug to be seen as more “responsible” at times.

There is an interesting interview on NPR with the MythBusters guys, Adam and Jamie, which I played for my communication class today before they begin a norms violation group project. The point that I took away from it was how these two men with such different personalities form such a good team for the types of experiments they engage in. I often see my students make similar types of adjustments in their groups as they work on group projects.   I rarely structure groups by choosing the students unless I have one language group trying to make the group homogeneous.  Then I intervene.

I am also trying to go a little farther with the video recordings of their presentations. I changed the evaluation instrument and assigned them to evaluate their own presentations which I posted on a webpage. I am trying to build this into the course which I am working on revising for the fall with a new book.

Bud the Teacher wrote:

It’s Funny, Almost Silly

Does it happen to anyone else who’s been blogging for a time that no post makes it through one’s own self-filter, either out of concern for relevancy or job security or just plain fear?
Or is it just me?

I have had that experience so often I don’t think I can count the times.

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