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ESL video sites

June 20, 2007

One blog I have begun to read is Lingual Bee which is about English language learning from the perspective of a learner.  On her site, she discusses three video sites, English Baby, Sozo Exchange, and The Daily English Show.  Another video site I discovered on Teacher Tube, Mars 1 – The Journey Begins looks interesting and has supporting materials, but so far only one episode.

I like the idea of using video in class and use a good amount in the communication class I teach including some TED talks and some recorded videos of newscasts.  We have been using Bridge to College Success for a long time though it is being phased out this summer.  This book has some good, but dated, videos with it that we have used in our program.  I also showed a CBS News show one day since we finish the semester with Listening to the News tests and a final based on a recorded part of a PBS news show.  All of this information is to show my familiarity with using video.  Still, I can not think of a way to incorporate the video sites Lingual Bee praises into my class.  I think they have value and offer rich possibilities for language learning.  However, all I can think to do at this point is to link to them on a resource page.  Perhaps I can’t think of ways because I have been looking at videos filtered through our current curriculum instead of trying to envision a new curriculum.

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