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That vision thing

June 25, 2007

Nancy commented on my previous post on her blog. She asked the question: “are you/am I ready to think outside the box?” which is a good question. It looks pretty fearsome outside that box sometimes.

I find that even if I want to go outside that box, I am stopped at least temporarily and some times permanently because I can’t envision what my class would look like if I did. That is why I refer to my problem as a lack of imagination. When I did teacher training, I encouraged the teachers involved to observe other teachers to expand their vision of what a language classroom “looks like”. Now, I find that not only does the curriculum constrain my vision, but also, I can’t yet see what my class will look like. That is one reason why I keep reading teachers’ blogs; I want to “see” what other classrooms look like to expand my vision.

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