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Wireless Presentation

September 2, 2008

I had occasionally entertained the notion of getting a remote for PowerPoint presentations but never really went anywhere with it. I thought the cost would be prohibitive.

Then I watched a video of Garr Reynolds discussing presenting on google@authors in which he said that the remote is very helpful if not essential. A little while later at an office supply store I saw a Targus Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer for about $30 USD and bought it.

It is a most wonderful device and has freed me from standing by the computer during class. I get to roam around and actually see what the slides look like. I get to stand by students and offer suggestions, find out which ones are having difficulties, or just make the jaded students a little nervous. I use a hearing aid, so putting some distance between me and the projector is sometimes very helpful. Now I can do that. Tomorrow, my students will make their first presentations of the semester, and I will share my wonderful device with them since that is what one does with wonderful things, isn’t it?

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