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Reporting on the first presentations

September 5, 2008

My students are giving their first presentations this week and next. I have some very good presenters who seem comfortable in front of the class and some who need to work on various parts of the their presentation skills. Very few of them rely on lots of words in their PowerPoint presentations. We start with a picture story assignment from the textbook, so the assignment doesn’t suggest a lot of writing, but still there are a few who need to write something on the slide. Most are doing well using pictures on PowerPoint.

As for the remote, the students seemed very comfortable with it and liked using the laser pointer. A few speakers didn’t get to use the advance aspect because the USB connection would get jiggled and not work. It took me a little while to figure that one out, but I will be better prepared next time.

We still have problems with people speaking to the slides and people talking too fast, but there are also presenters who make very accomplished presentations and challenge me to improve my own skills as well as giving the other students models for successful presentations.

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