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Google Docs almost works

February 7, 2009

I planned to make make my writing classes a little more data driven.  So I put up a spreadsheet for both of them on Google Docs.  I wanted to record the subject-verb agreement, fragment, run-on, and verb errors in their papers to give myself and the students an indication of what we need to work on.  Plus this would be a chance for me to use data as a basis for some of what I do. 

However, I ran into a problem.  I would open the spreadsheet and leave it open as I was grading papers so that I could record tallies as I worked.  After a couple of days, I realized that sometimes Google was updating the information, but I had to close the spreadsheet before the message about Google updating or loading was finished.  I lost that data.  In the future, I am going to be keeping records in a spreadsheet and then upload to Google to show the class. 

I would like to do more with the spreadsheets, but I am just learning it.  I would like to try something with the word processor too, but I haven’t figured out anything yet.  One reason I would like to use Google Docs is our students get a school email account on Google, so it seems sensible to try to use some of the other tools if I can just figure out how. 

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