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Video Activity Update

July 21, 2009

All the time seems to have been worth it.  I told the students I would give them full credit if they gave me feedback on the activity.  So far, over half of the class, six, have commented.  Although the videos were a mixed bag, the feedback from the students on the activity has been very positive.  They enjoyed working with their classmates and communicating as well as learning about their classmates cultures.  Some students liked learning the new software, MovieMaker, and commented on how easy it was. 

I floated the idea of doing the second group project, a debate, with them and the students in class today seemed to like the idea.  I have given some thought to adjusting the activity, but now I am toying with giving them input into designing the activity.  Here, I begin to worry that I am getting a little carried away, which I have been warned about in the past, so I will give it some more thought.

I used Clay Shirky’s TED linked talk, “How social media can make history” and tested their understanding.  One problem they had was with the word “bored” which they understand as something that is frustrating while Shirky uses it to mean very simple or uninteresting because it isn’t challenging.   For the most part, they understood the idea of the talk though the test may have had a stinker or two in it.  I will have to re-examine it and revise it before I use it again.

I have been working on some things this summer while teaching.  Some times I think I could get more done if I didn’t teach, but then I realize I get my ideas in the process of preparing for, teaching, or assessing what happened in the class.  

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