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September 9, 2009

In my low intermediate ESL reading class, I have a student who emailed me that she has already done the kinds of things we are doing.  This got my back up, but not for a good reason rather because she threatens to make my job more difficult.  Getting over that, I now have to figure out if she really is poorly placed, which happens, or is over estimating her proficiency.  I am playing with the idea of having her do a vocabulary levels test on-line since I don’t have a printed one immediately available.  The problem is I have nothing to compare her results to, so I can’t really make a judgment.  Another option I have toyed with is giving her the first vocabulary test before we finish the material.  This is more doable without causing a lot of work.  With my administrative duties taking some of my time, this seems a possible answer.  If she passes it without preparation, then I have to figure out something for her to do.  That is the crux of my problem. 

I will introduce the norms video project tomorrow in one class.  I have tried to keep it simple with a Peace Corps video about gaffes and some discussion before I divide the class into groups of three to four. 

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