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September 11, 2009

I introduced the video project in the two communication classes.  One class is a day ahead of the other because the second class has more students (29) with another one added today than the first one (21).  At least it is a group project, right?

Now, the trepidation comes from two sources.  First, I don’t really know a lot about making videos, but I know a little more than I did last summer.  Second, and the more important one is what do I do with myself?  I felt like the observer of a three ring circus in the summer, now I will have to “supervise” a five or seven ring circus.  It feel like Murphy’s Law is licking its lips.  Still the enthusiasm was there in the first class and hopefully in the second class on Monday.  I have given them most of a week for preparation since that took more time than I thought it would during the summer.  One nice thing about my timing is that we are following the Clay Shirky video on TED where he early in his talk he points out that the revolution in technology has made us both consumers and producers.  I am expecting a lot of discussion and problem solving on their part and a lot of “what do I do with myself?” on my part.

I responded to the student mentioned in the previous post to work in our lab on some of the more challenging materials and read.  She now reads in class with the book under the table.  How can I object because it is a reading class?  The disciplinarian whispering in the back of my mind is saying “make her pay attention” while the educator admires her solution and wishes he could figure out how to get everyone reading in the class and enjoy it.  I keep toying with changing this class, but it may not even make enough students next semester.  Furthermore, I need to remake the midterm and final exams to reflect what we really do in the class. 

Can’t do it this Friday (my work in the office day) because Angel has thoroughly messed up a teacher’s class and none of the practice tests work nor can the old ones be imported because it won’t allow anything to be done.  I plan on spending as much time as possible with the tech people tomorrow. 

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