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A summing up of sorts

December 29, 2009

I haven’t been able to get my thoughts coordinated with time so I could writer something for a while.  During the last semester in the communication class I taught, we did two group video projects.  One project was on social norms, and the second project was a persuasive video on an issue.  I was most pleased with the amount of talk and communication that occurred among the members of most teams.  The video ranged in quality from PowerPoint slides transferred to video and presented as PowerPoint slides to some nice mashups of videos. 

Two things I have learned are that making videos takes time and that a loose set of guidelines seems to work.  I am still coming up with guidelines and evaluation criteria, but I think I need to make it clearer that the video should be the featured part.  The problem with making this a group activity is the perennial problem of an unevenness in participation.  I don’t want to make groups report individual time spent working on a project, but I would like to figure out some way to encourage full participation.

The difficulty of the last semester was that one class was a mixed level class with 28 students.  28 students meant 28 speeches that students were supposed to listen to.  That is a lot of listening for 18-20 year olds as well as late 50 teachers. 

Over the holiday break, I have been working on a new preposition PowerPoint for our midlevel writing class.  Having the time to do this has helped me understand prepositions a little better though it may also mean I put too much information in the presentation.  I want to make an exercise PowerPoint to use with the iClicker to try the clickers out.  However, I also don’t want to work on school stuff too much during the break because I want to be outside or working around the house. 

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