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2009 to 2010

January 2, 2010

I looked at my goals for 2009 for my teaching.  I wanted to try to observe better.  I might have done a teeny bit better, but I can’t say I succeeded as I get caught up in all the work and let that goal slip, so I will make it the goal for this year too.  I think I did a little better with teaching to cognitive demands as more of my classes were focused on less grandiose schemes and more on what the students could do in order to push them to the next step.  However, I still need to work on recognizing where the students are and identifying the next step.  I see this for example as laying out topic sentences as what they do and how to do them for the type of assignment we are doing.  The third goal of incorporating homework into the classroom I did better and will keep moving in that direction.  This I have done with little challenges and quizzes that focus narrowly on one element.  I try not to get too predictably rote in the tasks but make rote tasks a little more interesting with timing or group challenges.

Two other accomplishments that I have that weren’t in my goals were to start having students make videos and bicycle commuting.  The bicycle commuting while a personal activity allows me to arrive at school ready to go, so I think it has helped my teaching though I didn’t set out to do it for that purpose.  Students making videos has been one of those take the net away, I am going to walk that tightrope and see what happens.  It hasn’t been an outstanding success for the quality of videos made, but it has led to a great deal more talking and collaboration in the student group work. 

For this year, I would like to make some videos for iTune U and improve on the video activities for the communication class.  I would also like to incorporate video into the reading and writing classes.

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