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Actually doing it

February 20, 2010

Through reading and following my Bloglines account, I come across many different resources on the web.  But I find it sometimes difficult to integrate them into my courses.  When I do, it takes time.  I can leave the students sink or swim, which I have done more than I would like to admit, or I can give them some help, which I try to do, but that takes more time. 

This last week I introduced my low intermediate class to the levels tests on Compleat Lexical Tutor and told them to take the levels test to find out where they need to concentrate their efforts.  One student came to the lab yesterday to try it out.  It took some effort on his part, but he took the lowest level test and got 56% of the first 1000 words.  I tried to show him some of the exercises that were generated, but only one worked.  This was the Multiconc practice.

Unfortunately, he was lost in the complexity of the exercise generated although with some coaching he succeeded with the exercise.  We tried the other ones, but they did not work. 

I also gave the students some practice in class with Spreeder.  I used a paragraph from our textbook that I had typed into a word processor and saved.  We had just finished some work with the longer reading the passage was from, so it was familiar to them.  We practiced with it in class, and I made a screen cast tutorial yesterday as a reminder.  I used Jing to make this one and also one on the process paragraph which is has background accompaniment from my dog.  I definitely need to get to the point where I can edit these videos and make them more student friendly.

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