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brainstorming => the energizer bunny

May 25, 2010

I sat down to chat with a couple of my colleagues and pretty soon we began thinking of ways to improve our highest level reading class.  I had brought a list of suggested quizzes to add to the class and from there we began thinking of how to fit them in which led to a discussion of how to add vocabulary to the class.  We include the Academic Word List in the packet the students are required to buy, but it gets little use.  Now, we are removing fallacies from the final exam and, therefore, the curriculum.  This will, theoretically, free up some time.  I suggested adding vocabulary.  Someone suggested short weekly vocabulary quizzes; we came up with giving them a list of about 35 words and telling them 10 would be on a 5 minute quiz. 

I came out of the discussion energized and ready to push ahead with yet another project because it has the possibility of improving the class and helping the learners beyond just passing the tests at the end of the semester. 

We talked earlier in the day about adding some quizzes, which the students had requested, to the schedule.  I want the quizzes to be cumulative, that is, including the skills taught before the last quiz as well as the ones taught since the last quiz.  I don’t like the idea that now we have finished main idea, so we can put that away.

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