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English for Everyone

June 13, 2010

I was looking at some of the download printable materials websites yesterday to see what is available. I occasionally look at them to look for something I can use to supplement a lesson. Most of the sites have materials that won’t work for our college level classes. However, I found one that has very good reading comprehension materials on it. The site is English for Everyone. The reading comprehension materials I like include a reading with comprehension questions and explanations for the right and wrong answers. The level of the materials are appropriate for our students and should supplement our reading classes.

I like the reading comprehension materials because the readings are challenging and on good topics like ethanol and the Columbian exchange. The reading comprehension items are similar to the types of questions our students face on the departmental final exams. Furthermore, as I noted above, the answers for the items are explained so students can answer the reading comprehension questions and check their answers in order to understand why their answer is correct or incorrect right after they take the quiz. English for Everyone is a quality site with appropriate materials for my students. It ranks with Grammar Bytes as an fine site for finding materials for college level ESL students.

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