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My ongoing struggle to evaluate my students’ videos

June 21, 2010

My students make some very good videos especially the second time around when they make issues videos. However, I struggle to evaluate them. I tried to google search for rubrics, but the rubrics didn’t fit my class or my expectations very well. They tended to focus primarily on the creativeness of the video, which was important for the setting of the rubric maker, but it does fit my purposes very well. The consequence is that I have not been able to give good feedback because I haven’t really known how to shape my feedback beyond good and work on.

As I have worked at giving feedback and evaluating the recent group of videos, I may have found a more focused way to do it. On the last group (both of them) of videos, I used the scheme I had come up with for the students to evaluate the videos we watched in class in preparation for making their videos. For the feedback, I used the following categories: problem, solution, fact/logic, emotional connection, path or specific recommendations, video and editing. This scheme allowed me to give feedback in a more focused way and reflect what we did in class. I think I need to add a little more on the video, where I feel somewhat insecure, and editing side and on the language use. The students focus on the message, but they seem less focused on checking their language. Now, I want to make a rubric for the evaluation so the evaluation criteria will be up front.

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