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Sean Banville and Hubpages suggest

June 27, 2010

The recent post, Wallwisher- 105 Classroom Ideas on Sean Banville’s blog about Wallwisher is a great post because it not only introduces the application, it shows several different ways to use it. This means that he has explored how to use it and thought about several possible uses for it. This is very helpful for me because I find myself looking at a lot of new applications, but I can’t come up with a quick use for them, and so they die a bookmark death, i.e., bookmarked in Diigo or Delicious but forgotten. This may happen with Wallwisher, but at least now I have to give some serious thought to the application, which I like, and how to integrate it into my class using some of the suggestions or adapting them.
A second application post I liked today is from janderson on Hubpages on a Modify a Text Tool, which is at Here again the blogger gives lots of examples of how this text modification tool can be used. I already see several possibilities for my writing class because I have used some of these techniques such as removing punctuation in a text as in-class activities. But I did it one punctuation mark at a time. This looks like a great tool that I can use. Thanks to Sean Banville and janderson99 for spending time and effort to explore these applications and sharing them.

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