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Grammar Videos Found and Made

August 29, 2011

I have been looking for videos for the flipped class I am teaching in writing. I have found some great videos on the past tense and present perfect from JenniferESL. I embedded them on the past tense and present perfect pages I made for my class using Google Sites. JenniferESL makes well paced and thorough videos on the topics she tackles.
I had to make my own video for the indefinite pronouns because I couldn’t find any that I liked. I don’t know that mine is any better, but it covers the content I want my students to be familiar with.

It took some time to get it out even though I had parts of it already in PowerPoint. However, I found PowerPoint was not responsive enough on my Mac, so I used Keynote and redid parts of it. I have used Keynote very little, but after I figured out where most things were, it worked fine. I wish I could use it at school because of the presenters view. Since I couldn’t rely on the textbook to cover my faults, I had to be more explicit about some points when explaining indefinite pronouns. I have already found a couple of exercises that I adapted so I can use them for the students to work with in class, and the textbooks should be in.

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