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Moving along with the flipped class

October 9, 2011

This week we continued to work on sentences and explored proofreading. We spent most of class time working on constructing complex and compound sentences. I created a couple of exercises including a paragraph with no punctuation in Google Documents that we punctuated in class, and I mashed up an obituary about Steve Jobs and adapted it as a proofreading exercise. These exercises were to alert my students to proofreading for their first out-of-class paragraphs that are due this weekend.

I am going to try the suggestions of Gena R. Bennet in Using Corpora in the Language Learning Classroom to analyze the errors. As I plan to do it, I am saving the student’s paragraphs with the errors tagged. I will use these as a corpora to highlight some of the more common errors, especially run-ons, fragments, verb errors, and subject-verb agreement. Using the information generated from this, I hope to be able to provide targeted practice and classroom work addressing more specifically the errors that occur in this group of students’ writing. I will use TextStat as my concordance program.

I made two videos this week. The first one is on fragments:

And one on sentence combining:

My recent videos have used edited versions of PowerPoint presentations I used in the past. I find I can cover in a five to eight minute video much of what I covered in a 30 to 50 minute classroom lecture though I don’t have the interaction of a lecture. I am still learning how to use Camtasia for the Mac; still, I don’t think my videos are worse than most of the home made educational videos I see on YouTube.

I have run into a frustration with using Google Apps through my school account and trying to use YouTube or my regular GoogleDocs, such as Sites. If I am signed into the school account, I can’t access YouTube or my regular gmail account. One way around this has been to open two browsers and jump between the two.

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