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Not enough time

October 29, 2011

I have fallen behind as is usual by this point in the semester. This accounts for the lack of updates on my flipped class attempt.

Classes still consist mostly of working on writing through in-class activities. I haven’t lectured for any extended time, i.e., beyond 5 minutes yet, at least, not that I can remember. I have answered questions but I try to make the answers concise. We have worked on exemplification paragraphs, and I made an introductory video for that, but I used a paragraph from the textbook, so I haven’t made the video public. I will revise it in the future without the textbook materials. We also worked on sentence combining and commas.

For sentence combining, I made a video

I teach commas by breaking the different types into two categories: adding information commas and joining commas. The adding information commas include the series and appositive commas as in this video.

The joining commas are the introductory fragment comma, the coordinating conjunction comma, and transition words and phrases punctuation as in this video.

The students have written a second out-of-class paragraph, and yesterday they wrote an in-class paragraphs. Now that we are comfortable with Google Documents, students submit their papers with few glitches and get them back as fast as I can comment on them. This process is so much less cumbersome than using the LMS that I find it enjoyable. I also put class activities on Google Documents, and we do some in class. In doing this, I learned from a student to use the copy option as a way for students to submit their version of an exercise while maintaining the original exercise for others to use. I gave the student credit in class because I felt so happy to have learned this.

From my Diigo subscription I learned about 7 Fantastic Free Social Media Tools for Teachers. I am especially interested in Symbaloo. I think I can use this as a place to compile resources, and it is far superior to the resources page in the LMS we use.

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