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A Few Thoughts About Flipped Teaching

August 27, 2012

Last year, I took the plunge into the flipped classroom with the intermediate writing class I teach.  After two semesters. I have become committed to the flipped class for writing.  It makes teaching writing more interactive than I could have imagined when I began.  When I began, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I had read a little, but it had mostly been about using videos and making videos.  As the year has passed, I have read considerably more about the flipped classroom as my teaching has changed.  I really can’t imagine why I would go back to using lectures in my classroom to the extent I did before.  

I made a presentation at the state ESL convention about the flipped class and how I did it.  I have continued to think about how to improve and hope I can make some better videos this year.  Unfortunately, this summer I spent the majority of time working on a reading class that I wrote about in my last post.  This didn’t give me time to think extensively about changes I would like to make, so I will be making them on the fly.  This time I would like to get more feedback from the students and adjust to their needs better.  Right now we are going through the getting to know you process and I sense skepticism from some students and some discomfort with either the idea that I will not lecture or that they will be working in class on writing after watching videos.  

An additional effect of using the flipped class model in writing is that I am working on teaching the reading class I have developed in a flipped class manner.  Although we are only two days into the semester, we work on understanding the reading in class from activities I have developed that exploit the reading.  I don’t plan on lecturing on main idea, in fact, I made a short video on educreations about main ideas.  

I plan to make the necessary videos as the class progresses.  I thought I could use YouTube or Vimeo, but they proved not to have appropriate videos for the topics I need videos for.  Educreations doesn’t offer a lot of fancy video making tools, so I will use Camtasia or Jing for some future videos.  

To return to my main point,  The reading class will follow a flipped class emphasis as much as I can.  I don’t have models because when I read about the flipped class practitioners, they teach math or science.  

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