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Show Me Assessment

October 2, 2014

I have been trying out some ways to gain more information about how my reading students approach some of the skills we work on.  I began last spring with what I call a show me.  I was not trying to build off of the ShowMe app.  In fact, I doubt if any of my students were aware of the app.  The idea came to me from writing class where I keep telling my students that they need to show me not tell me.

My approach to the show me has been to have students make a PowerPoint, video, or other illustration showing me how they found, for example, the main idea or supporting details.  The challenge is not just to get the correct answer, but to show how they got their answers.  In return, I can understand better what they are doing.  One pair of students provided me with a PowerPoint deck that showed me a distorted sense of supporting information.  They only highlighted the details but left out the explanation part of the support.

They tend to favor PowerPoint, but I am going to work on finding other applications that will illustrate better.  I tried with educreations this time, but the interface confused the pair that tried it.  Next time, I will put together or find a tutorial for the suggested sites or apps.

Today, I gave the students an extra credit opportunity to explain the differences between 5 word pairs that they had difficulties with on the last vocabulary quiz.  Again, the goal is that they show me how they understand the problem.  The attempt is tentative, but I am looking for ways to follow through on this.

The main goal of a show me is somewhat like the math show me your work approach.  I want to find out how they understand what they are doing.

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