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Google Drawing for Timelines

May 15, 2016

With reading classes, I try to design activities that require the students to read and reread the text.  One way to encourage this type of interaction with the text is through having students do different kinds of illustration or diagramming activities.  One of the first activities that I did with my students this last semester was to make a timeline for a reading.  I have done this in the past using a spreadsheet, but I was looking at videos on YouTube for ideas and found one that showed how to put a timeline on top of an image.  I decided to do this with my students.

I made a video explaining how to make the timeline.

I took the students to the lab and worked with them on making the timeline.  The lesson went well in that the students could complete the timeline in the time we had for the class and most timelines were accurate.  If they were not, I gave students feedback and encouraged them to revise their timelines until they were correct.

It is important with Google Drawing that all of the students have a Google account preferably setup before class.

This activity can help prepare for later illustration and diagramming of reading texts for showing the relationships between main ideas and supports, for showing organizational patterns, and showing statements and evidence.  The advantage of using Google Drawing early with a lesson like this is we don’t have to provide as much guidance on how to use Google Drawing after the first lesson.  Thus, the students can spend more time with the reading.

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