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An app I use for ebooks

July 26, 2017

I have been writing or compiling e-books for a few years now. This has made it possible for me to supply free resource books for some of my classes.
The first one I did was compiling many worksheets for our advanced reading class. Most of the materials came from the files and were put together in order for students to be able to practice outside of class. Since I have rarely taught the class and the teachers tell me the book is meeting their needs, I have not updated it.
The second one I wrote. I wrote it for the advanced communication class I teach. In this one, I tried to make it a resource book that would guide the students through the different assignments. I describe assignments, steps for successful completion, available resources for practicing listening, making presentations, making videos, and completing some of the other activities for the class. This summer I completed the 6th revision of it.
I have also written parts of and compiled resource books for our intermediate reading and intermediate writing classes.
To put together these e-books, I have been using an application called Jutoh. Jutoh is not a free application, but I had problems with free applications when I was starting out resulting in the loss of hours of work. As a result, I decided to pay and searched for what was a reasonable option.
Jutoh proved to be it. Jutoh has served me well. It takes a little getting used to but is a powerful and flexible e-book tool. It has done most of what I want (it probably does more, but I haven’t figured out how to do it) and continues to improve. I now write and compile to an ebook, save it as a pdf, and also upload it to the web with the HTML save capacity.
At first, I thought students should access the book only as an e-book, but when I found out how to make it available in other formats, I did so.
The person behind Jutoh is Julian Smart. He constantly upgrades it and responds personally when users experience difficulties with the application. If you wish to try out writing or compiling an ebook and find Google Docs or word processed e-books don’t fit your needs, try Jutoh out.
If you really get into it, you may find yourself editing books for Amazon or for other writers.

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