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I am an ESL teacher at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida.  I began my international education as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali in West Africa and have since worked in English Language Teaching in the U.S. and in China, and the Philippines.  I enjoy messing around with technology in the classroom and in trying to become a better teacher.

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  1. patricia9936 permalink
    January 30, 2007 1:00 am

    Hi John,
    You can create a static page here with a bit of info about yourself. You can also upload a picture. 🙂 Great blog!

  2. July 12, 2012 7:32 pm

    I am not sure if you will be interested in this request, so apologies upfront if you are not. Google brought me to your blog based on “language learning”. It is not clear whether that includes foreign language but please let me know if it does not.

    We have just launched our dual language eBook store. With our books you can read in one language, say French, and with a tap on the text get the translation in English. We have done this on a paragraph basis.

    My request is whether you would be interested in reviewing our eBook? We offer free samples on the site.

    Thanks & Kind Regards,

  3. Ruth permalink
    June 14, 2018 10:41 pm

    Hi, John,
    I am interested in reconnecting with old Peace Corps buddies. Pls email me!

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